Friday, February 29, 2008

Check it out

Peter Searcy is a great artist from Louisville. Check him out on MySpace

Cold Feet

I dropped Lovie off at the animal hospital this morning to get fixed. I don't think she's ever given me a more pitiful look. The funny part is that she pulled me in the door since she's never been there before but as soon as she realized where she was, it was time to get out quick. I got a brief lecture on feeding her better since she weighed in a little heftier than they would have liked. So I guess I'll cut down on the under the table stuff that she loves so much. It's strange sitting here at my computer without my foot warmer. I hadn't realized just how attached I had become. In other business, I finally broke down and called the cable company today. For years I have said that I don't need cable. I'm perfectly satisfied with my 3 1/2 stations I can get in clearly. With the digital switch looming and the promise of a faster internet I am forced to give in. At least now I suppose I'll be able to watch This Old House without holding the antenna upside down. That too, will take some getting used to.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tear down this wall.....

As some of you are already aware, I've been waiting around with my hands tied for quite a while now to take my EMT-I exam. Theoretically, I should have been able to take it in late October but things got stonewalled and delayed for various reasons. Most of the red tape has finally been pulled away and I can schedule a date to go test. My only concern now is that I've been out of class for so long that I am really going to have to buckle down and study if I want to pass. I am so ready to get all of this behind me and move on to my promotion. Things are finally starting to look up.

Friday, February 22, 2008

A relaxing day

Today was a great day.I didn't have to go to work today because of the ice.I got to spend time with my Mom ,my sister and Lovie.Later on I went to my studio and came up with some new ideas.Let me know what you think?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paging Chuck Bartowski

I have to admit I am quite pleased that the writer's strike is over. Conan is a lot funnier with a team of writers to help him out. The funny looking beard could only get so many laughs. The strike, however, has really messed things up. Shows that were never meant to air, are now the only things keeping the networks afloat while new episodes of the shows we want to watch are being feverishly produced. Many shows have simply opted to call it a season and not air new material until the fall. That's disappointing. Now that the summer replacements have been spent I wonder what television has left to offer before August. Perhaps Fear Factor will get another go at it. You certainly don't need writers for that type of mindless garbage. Unfortunately I'll have to wait until fall to find out the fate of everyone's favorite Intersect. Until then, I suppose reruns of Law & Order will have to do.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mission Complete

I finally got my studio back in order. I added some new things to the studio to make it pop. I painted the walls, stenciled my website on the wall, added new curtains and moved things around and finally got organized. I love the finished product. Here are some pictures of our progress and the finished product.

Friday, February 15, 2008

How Stimulating

Well, it would seem that after some debate the economic stimulus package has passed. It should mean we'll all be seeing a little bit of extra spending money in the next 3 or 4 months. As much as I appreciate a government handout now and again, I'm having trouble seeing the logic. The word "recession" gets thrown around so loosely. The mere mention of the R word sends the stock market tumbling. So then the government cuts interest rates which makes it harder for the government to make money. Then the government gives $600.00 to every person who worked a day last year. Money that the government does not have due to the enormous and growing debt caused by an unjustified war. Sometimes I think that they just want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. With an embattled economy and the job market losing ground for the first time in years, I would wager that most of the recipients of this stimulus package will simply cycle it in to their check book to pay debt and monthly bills. History has shown that similar attempts to spark the fizzling economy have failed only making marginal dents in the retail market. I say, leave the economy alone stupid. The stock market is supposed to go down from time to time, people are supposed to lose jobs. It's what makes our system work. Other wise, we'd all be rich and money would lose it's intrinsic value. There has to be poor to make the rich. Much like the gradual warming and cooling of the Earth that Republicans like to label global warming as the economy has it's ups and downs as well. Give it time and it will get better. An influx of a few dollars into WalMart will help WalMart, not our society. I've said my piece, now I'm over it.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Disappointing Snow

What will more than likely be the only legitimate snowfall of the year has turned out to be quite a disappointment. While the snow was still falling yesterday you couldn't make a snowball without a lot of effort. This morning, hoping to be able to enjoy the extra day off we set out in the rain to a whole lot of ice. No snow, just ice. We were still able to spend a little time outside before we got soaked by the rain & got some good pictures.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Under Construction

Expressions by Devin has a new office.Well at least a new coat of paint.Hopefully some new decorations in the next couple of days.We have been working on the studio for the past two days.I have to say it looks a lot better then it did. It took a long time to pick out a paint color and a lot of thought to the design.Here are some pictures of before and of the progress we have made.I will post new pictures when the studio is complete.

Night at the movies

Last night we went to the movies. Joseph saw Rambo with my dad and he loved it. Lots of killing and stuff blowing up yada yada yada. Mom and I went to see Fool's Gold. Whatever you do, don't waste your money. Especially not for Director's Hall tickets. The movie could have been better if it was only an hour long and didn't have a couple of stupid supporting characters that took away from the movie as a whole. I was disappointed because I loved "How to lose a guy in 10 days" and was hoping this would be just as good. Taking the actors from a popular movie and putting them into another one works sometimes but not in this case. When Blockbuster has 1.00 rental night get it then.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I should eat better

Wow, already February. Football season has come and gone. Another Manning has won a Super Bowl trophy. The year is soaring by. Quickly approaching two years with my employer, my thoughts turn to the years gone by. Not much has changed. Perhaps, the reason for time slipping away so quickly is that our minds forget the unchanged. There's simply no reason to remember the same thing twice. That way our memories have room for life's new experiences. Perhaps a vacation is in order for April. Of course I'll have to turn in my vacation request now because everyone knows that the last week of April is a happening time. I can't compete when it comes to seniority so time is of the essence. The time between now and then will, I'm assured, not fly by but my mind will simply forget most of the mundane. Even driving an ambulance with lights and siren down the freeway of life becomes old hat. The thrill subsides when the nerves do the same. A constant battle rages between the world of making a difference and the world of futile efforts. The latter reigns supreme more and more and more. I suppose futility in work becomes the norm, which can so easily be erased by a mind seeking adventure and excitement. Perhaps it is best to only remember the highlights of work. It leaves so much more room for the good times at home. The time spent with my wife, our friends, and family. The time wrestling with the dog. The time someday I'll spend playing KerPlunk with my children. Retirement is only 28 years away. I'll be 51 when I'm eligible for it. Aaaah, then I'll have the time to fill my mind with adventure. Presuming of course I'm able. I suppose I'll have to start preparing now. I really should eat better.

A Fresh Start

Hey, this is Joe. Devin and I have been toying with the idea of starting up this blog for a little while now. I used to blog heavily on MySpace but as of late all my blogs got deleted during maintenance on the site. It probably wasn't a great loss to literature but nevertheless I felt like I had some good material. Alas, it is time to start anew. I hope you enjoy.