Friday, June 10, 2011

And now for something completely different.

If you're reading this tonight I imagine I peaked your interest on FaceBook so instead of beating around the bush I will come out and say it. Devin is pregnant. Yes, it's true. No, I'm not kidding. How? I will attempt to answer below if you are able to continue reading. If that's enough information for you, please feel free to stop here. Thank you for reading. If not, continue on.

A few weeks ago I took Devin to the hospital suspecting she was in the middle of an ectopic pregnancy. Having experienced that before we had prepared ourselves for the eventual outcome. The emergency room agreed and recommended that we proceed with a medicinal procedure to solve the ectopic and prevent any harm to Devin. Again, that is a road we had been down before. Somehow, I suppose by the nature of it being midnight the doctors decided to take another look the following morning and decide what to do. After a very long night staring at the ceiling in Suburban Hospital the next test looked worse than before and emergency surgery was recommended.

It's hard to describe the thoughts that swirled around the next few hours. I can tell you that there was a healthy dose of praying involved. The rest is really a blur. During surgery the Dr. came out to speak to me only minutes after the surgery had began. What I expected her to say and what she said were two very different things. Basically, what they thought they saw, they didn't now. What they didn't see before they don't know about, and if you're confused now, imagine how I felt on 2 hours of sleep. There was no ectopic. Everything looks good. We're going to end the surgery and wait this thing out.

Another night of sleeplessness led to an early visit from the Dr. who said looking very astonished herself, that she is still pregnant according to blood work and you can go home. We won't be able to tell you anything more for a few days. Confused, and incredibly worried we were sent on our merry way home. The yard sale benefiting our adoption was 2 days later. So if you came, I apologize for being forced to lie. We simply didn't have any answers ourselves. We appreciate all the support whether it was donating items, or coming to shop. It was a hard day. We raised a good deal of money and we will be making a donation of part of our earnings to Kosair's art department. We just feel like we need to pay it forward so to speak for the gift we were given.

The following Monday we went in for another appointment where they were able to tell us that yes, she was still pregnant and they were able to show us evidence. Still though, the doctor's didn't give us a whole lot of hope saying that because of the surgery and other things going on they just didn't know what would happen. Again, we were sent home without much. More hope than before, but still confusion. Today, almost 3 weeks later we went back to the doctor and were able to hear the miraculous sound of a heartbeat. It's safe to say that I've never been happier in my life. The doctor gave everything a good bill of health, drew blood, told us they still didn't quite understand how this happened, congratulated us, and that was that.

We have spent quite a bit of time discussing when we thought we should tell people. To be honest, we had wanted to wait. Since she was hospitalized and I was shady in my answers to several questions there was a lot of suspicion and it was determined that it was going to get out before we got around to telling anyone. That would have been a disaster. So here we are, telling the world. A couple of you had already figured it out and I appreciate you keeping it to yourselves and off FaceBook. It really means a lot to us. As it looks, January 19th is our expected due date. Begin praying now for sunshine and fifty degree weather instead of the mess of the last few winters.

The amount of events that had to happen the way they did, in the order they did, and without causing harm to anyone involved is truly nothing short of a personal miracle. Thank you all for the support you have given us through everything, the infertility, the adoption process, and now this. We will definitely be needing the support now more than ever. It's almost time to start the next chapter. Thank you for reading. Good night.