Thursday, December 10, 2009

The occasional blogger

Some months ago, I came to the interim conclusion that no one was reading this blog. Therefore, being the busy / lazy person I am, I decided to devote more time to having things to blog about, than to blogging. The past few months have definitely been busy. It seems like time keeps speeding up, faster and faster every day. Thanksgiving snuck up on me and now, before my turkey has digested, it's almost Christmas time again.

It is often said that time goes by faster as we age. I never really understood this until recently. We fill our lives with so much routine that any given Tuesday could just as well be the one last week. The tuna helper on the table in front of you looks almost identical to the one you had heartburn after the last time you had nothing better to eat. It's hard to slow down and pay attention to life passing by. Up early each morning for my routine before work, then 12 hours or more spent there, then home to try and steal a few precious moments with my wife and dog before repeating the sequence the next day. It's hard to say that many of those days stick out in my mind as those to add to the long term memory. I suppose that's the reason time seems to be going by so quickly.

The ordinary does not need to be remembered again. Space is needed to remember the out of ordinary. The days spent building snow hippos, or waiting in line for famous Hot Dog's after a 7 hour drive. The time spent being inspired by art or film or a really good book. The time spent with the woman you love each night being incredibly happy and grateful you got off work on time to steal a few more minutes. We allow the in between to be erased. The bad days at work, the meals from a drive-through bag, the housework, and the list goes on. The resolution is to fill your life with things to be remembered whenever possible. And of course to write about them so you don't forget that you once had a good idea. I don't care if anyone else reads this blog any more. At least I will have a way to remember these passing thoughts.