Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well, the idea of frequent updates seemed doable at first. I realize every 2 months is frankly not frequent so for that, sorry! Anyway, we've maintained a very busy schedule of work, school, and Dr.'s appointments the last couple of months and things are going very well. Paramedic school will be wrapping up in the next month or so which is definitely a big relief. As for baby news, there's not too much news to report. Other than that everything is going well. Devin is feeling much better now solidly into the 2nd trimester. These middle of the road Dr.'s appointments don't give us much to talk about. We won't have another ultrasound until 20 weeks. That will be September 2nd and surely we will finally find out what we are having at that appointment. Bets have been placed and team girl seems to be in the lead. But I'm not so sure. In the mean time the baby's room has underwent a dramatic transformation from empty room to crowded living quarters. I will post pictures later today of the work we've done so far. We'll have to wait until September to get the details going but we're pretty happy with the way it's turning out. More updates to come... eventually. Stay tuned.