Thursday, February 7, 2008

I should eat better

Wow, already February. Football season has come and gone. Another Manning has won a Super Bowl trophy. The year is soaring by. Quickly approaching two years with my employer, my thoughts turn to the years gone by. Not much has changed. Perhaps, the reason for time slipping away so quickly is that our minds forget the unchanged. There's simply no reason to remember the same thing twice. That way our memories have room for life's new experiences. Perhaps a vacation is in order for April. Of course I'll have to turn in my vacation request now because everyone knows that the last week of April is a happening time. I can't compete when it comes to seniority so time is of the essence. The time between now and then will, I'm assured, not fly by but my mind will simply forget most of the mundane. Even driving an ambulance with lights and siren down the freeway of life becomes old hat. The thrill subsides when the nerves do the same. A constant battle rages between the world of making a difference and the world of futile efforts. The latter reigns supreme more and more and more. I suppose futility in work becomes the norm, which can so easily be erased by a mind seeking adventure and excitement. Perhaps it is best to only remember the highlights of work. It leaves so much more room for the good times at home. The time spent with my wife, our friends, and family. The time wrestling with the dog. The time someday I'll spend playing KerPlunk with my children. Retirement is only 28 years away. I'll be 51 when I'm eligible for it. Aaaah, then I'll have the time to fill my mind with adventure. Presuming of course I'm able. I suppose I'll have to start preparing now. I really should eat better.