Monday, July 14, 2008

Nothing to prove

Much has been said about the legacy of Brett Favre. Many say that it has been tarnished as of late due to his possible return from an all to brief retirement. I would like to offer this. Throughout last season, as Favre broke nearly every record that he had not broken yet, the commentators spoke as if he had already left the game. As he was having one of the best seasons of his long career they hinted at the finality of his time in the NFL. They spoke about the last time Favre would throw a touchdown in Lambeau Field, the last time he would start a game for the Green Bay Packers, long before the announcement came in March from Favre himself.

It's not hard to imagine that he would feel pressured to retire as everyone had resigned him to it before he had himself. In the very first press conference you could feel the emotion as he spoke about his love for Green Bay, but more about his love for playing the game of football. He stated then, that when the idea of his retirement came up in conversation, no one tried to talk him out of it. The veteran, record holding quarterback, and beloved legend was being told he was not wanted.

Where does all this lead? It leads to a legendary quarterback who still wants to play, needing a new home. While the idea is horrific for all cheeseheads, myself included, I can't help but see where he's coming from. He definitely doesn't need the money, he holds almost every record, and he's a definite for the hall of fame. So why will Brett Favre leave his home in Wisconsin? Because he can. And maybe he needs to prove that to himself if not everyone else.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A star is born!!!!

Lovie is our little star. Check out my mom's etsy shop to see lovie modeling a new feature to my mom's shop. There will be more pictures of lovie posted later in her shop.