Monday, February 11, 2008

Night at the movies

Last night we went to the movies. Joseph saw Rambo with my dad and he loved it. Lots of killing and stuff blowing up yada yada yada. Mom and I went to see Fool's Gold. Whatever you do, don't waste your money. Especially not for Director's Hall tickets. The movie could have been better if it was only an hour long and didn't have a couple of stupid supporting characters that took away from the movie as a whole. I was disappointed because I loved "How to lose a guy in 10 days" and was hoping this would be just as good. Taking the actors from a popular movie and putting them into another one works sometimes but not in this case. When Blockbuster has 1.00 rental night get it then.


SassyCassie said...

Blockbuster has $1.00 rental night?

Devin said...

Every once in a great while:)

apsies said...

Thanks for the info on this one. It looked kind of dumb in the previews but now I know for sure.