Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paging Chuck Bartowski

I have to admit I am quite pleased that the writer's strike is over. Conan is a lot funnier with a team of writers to help him out. The funny looking beard could only get so many laughs. The strike, however, has really messed things up. Shows that were never meant to air, are now the only things keeping the networks afloat while new episodes of the shows we want to watch are being feverishly produced. Many shows have simply opted to call it a season and not air new material until the fall. That's disappointing. Now that the summer replacements have been spent I wonder what television has left to offer before August. Perhaps Fear Factor will get another go at it. You certainly don't need writers for that type of mindless garbage. Unfortunately I'll have to wait until fall to find out the fate of everyone's favorite Intersect. Until then, I suppose reruns of Law & Order will have to do.


Offbrand said...

Honestly I was very pleased with writers strike tv. Sarah Conner Chronicles is great. The Conan/Colbert war would have never happened with real writers. The strike gave a chance for alot of the lesser writers to step up and give tv a fresh face which is great. Not to say I am not happy to see the office return and a few others. But the hiatus from the norm was a welcome vacation from the normal BS tv land spits out..