Friday, February 15, 2008

How Stimulating

Well, it would seem that after some debate the economic stimulus package has passed. It should mean we'll all be seeing a little bit of extra spending money in the next 3 or 4 months. As much as I appreciate a government handout now and again, I'm having trouble seeing the logic. The word "recession" gets thrown around so loosely. The mere mention of the R word sends the stock market tumbling. So then the government cuts interest rates which makes it harder for the government to make money. Then the government gives $600.00 to every person who worked a day last year. Money that the government does not have due to the enormous and growing debt caused by an unjustified war. Sometimes I think that they just want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes. With an embattled economy and the job market losing ground for the first time in years, I would wager that most of the recipients of this stimulus package will simply cycle it in to their check book to pay debt and monthly bills. History has shown that similar attempts to spark the fizzling economy have failed only making marginal dents in the retail market. I say, leave the economy alone stupid. The stock market is supposed to go down from time to time, people are supposed to lose jobs. It's what makes our system work. Other wise, we'd all be rich and money would lose it's intrinsic value. There has to be poor to make the rich. Much like the gradual warming and cooling of the Earth that Republicans like to label global warming as the economy has it's ups and downs as well. Give it time and it will get better. An influx of a few dollars into WalMart will help WalMart, not our society. I've said my piece, now I'm over it.


April said...

A few dollars at Walmart helps China. That's the problem.

As far as recession goes, I thought that was just what always happens towards the end of a Republican's term in office. What's the big deal? ;)