Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Pill For Everything

Where to begin... In my last blog I mentioned that I had been to the doctor. I never imagined that mentioning the fact that I'm nauseated on a regular basis would lead me down a rabbit hole of pills and procedures. After a lengthy and heated discussion with my Dr. I was put on a blood pressure pill which I fully intend to stop taking as soon as possible. The medication that was prescribed for the nausea did not seem to be working so I was referred to a surgeon for more pills, more bills, and a scope on Monday. Needless to say, frustration is setting in. For someone who has never taken any medication save for an occasional Tylenol, being thrown into a regimen of taking several a day has been quite the obstacle. I am, however, feeling better. I suppose if you take enough pills one of them is sure to work. I've been in a better mood lately too. I'll blame that one on the blood pressure pill. Devin had better enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully this will be behind us soon and I can get back to a somewhat normal existence. If such a thing exists. Alas, the battery on the laptop is flashing so I had better wrap this up and head to bed before my ramblings are erased. The lesson learned here: Never tell my Dr. anything is bothering me.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dodgeball Eye

Back to school time is just around the corner. All the children who have been happily playing all summer without a health concern in the world will suddenly become patients when their teachers over-react to PE induced asthma, art induced smoke inhalation, black eyes from dodgeball, and the occasional seizure. I've been trying to figure out when schools stopped having a nurse in the office that would triage patients and send them back to class before turning the situation into a fiasco. I guess the days of that are long gone.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Much to discuss

Since last we spoke, dear readers, much has happened. Our home study paperwork is nearly completed. We ran into a few snags along the way but have managed to get back on track. Procrastination for my doctor's appointment was one of the major causes for the delay. I hadn't been to the doctor for anything of note since childhood and wasn't eager to hear things spoken that I had thought for quite some time. I suppose knowing a little too much about medicine kept me away from the doctor as long as it did. The nurse was certainly not happy about me arguing with her over whether or not my blood pressure was "high". I suppose doctor's offices have slightly different standards for these things than we in emergency medicine do. I relented my argument and let them say what needed to be said. They were the ones that would be signing documents for our home study so I just went with it.

Of course, life continues aside from the hustle and bustle of adoption happenings. Work has been busy and hot. And did I mention it has been hot? That seems to have been the general theme of late. I enjoy cold weather anyway but this year I am definitely looking forward to snowfall and shoveling. I wouldn't even be particularly upset if we were to skip fall altogether. Except for harvest homecoming that is. The apple dumplings are totally worth it.

In other news, my brother bought a house which I'll be helping to refurnish. Devin's business has exploded with summer orders. Pitchmen is returning to television without Billy Mays. The BP oil disaster appears to finally be stopped. Steven Tyler may be a judge on American Idol next season. And I've been praying every day. OK, there may be a few things in there that aren't personal news but the paragraph wasn't long enough. You can read about these other stories on other sites.

The highlight of that, is the prayer. I've never been one to pray. That is, until recently. Since the day of our yard sale I have worn my orange "Praying For Sam" bracelet that Alex gave me. After a couple of days I was looking at it on my arm and this overwhelming feeling of hypocrisy came flooding over me. How could I wear this bracelet and not listen to it's message. I began to pray about Sam and his parents, my good friends. Then went on to pray about our adoption. It went on from there as there was much we needed to discuss. Since then, not a day goes by that I haven't woke up and thanked God for the gifts in my life. My wife, my family, my friends, my health. Whether it leads to other things, at this point, I do not know. For now, it's nice to just be here. But I'm sure we'll be talking it over.