Friday, April 20, 2012

The very big trip to the Zoo

A few weeks back we took Zander on his first zoo trip. We were very excited to take him and the weather was perfect for it but he slept the entire time and didn't allow for any pictures. So, with his new routine firmly in place we ventured back today and had a great time.
He saw some giraffes

Spent some quality time with Daddy

Had a picnic lunch

And crashed hard after the adventure was over

4 months and no blog, What's up with that?

Wow. It has come to my attention that is has been almost 4 months since I last blogged. I think it's impossible to get you completely caught up on everything but I can try. Since my last entry, life has definitely been happening. We've been wrapped up in the raising of our incredible son. Zander is now 4 months old and completely caught up from being a preemie. He is growing like a weed, eating baby food, sitting in a high chair, laughing, trying to talk, going to the zoo, riding around in his stroller without the car seat, sleeping through the night, and just all around being the best thing that has ever happened to either of us. If Mrs. Stewart reads this, I'm sorry but I'm tired and run on sentences just make things easier.

Devin has been back to work for quite a while now at Expressions By Devin and Zander likes to supervise. As for me, I've been quite busy myself. I've been working quite a bit and I've been promoted... twice. Starting Wednesday I'll be a Captain. It's kinda crazy. Oh yeah, and I started a company newsletter that most people seem to enjoy. So if you've wondered why I haven't blogged, now you know. I've had a few other things going on. I think I might be able to get back in the swing of updating here more often now that things are settling in to a routine.

Since it just wouldn't be a good blog without pictures here are some of my favorites from the past 4 months.