Monday, January 19, 2009

Baby its cold outside!!

We had a nice lazy weekend. Trying to stay warm as much as possible.As you all know Lovie hates snow and cold weather. This is a picture of Lovie, She didn't move from that spot all day and definitely would not let us take the blankets. She is so funny and just to darn cute.

Sorry it has taken so long to update this blog. We have been crazy busy. Planning our First Prather family Vacation to South Dakota to Mount Rushmore. Joseph has been really busy with work etc.Expressions by Devin has been keeping me on my toes, Work (babysitting the Davis family)etc. But all in all Joseph and I wouldn't not have it any other way. This year is going to be a fresh start and all we can do is keep moving forward. Thanks for reading hope to have more updates and pictures up soon:0)