Friday, February 29, 2008

Cold Feet

I dropped Lovie off at the animal hospital this morning to get fixed. I don't think she's ever given me a more pitiful look. The funny part is that she pulled me in the door since she's never been there before but as soon as she realized where she was, it was time to get out quick. I got a brief lecture on feeding her better since she weighed in a little heftier than they would have liked. So I guess I'll cut down on the under the table stuff that she loves so much. It's strange sitting here at my computer without my foot warmer. I hadn't realized just how attached I had become. In other business, I finally broke down and called the cable company today. For years I have said that I don't need cable. I'm perfectly satisfied with my 3 1/2 stations I can get in clearly. With the digital switch looming and the promise of a faster internet I am forced to give in. At least now I suppose I'll be able to watch This Old House without holding the antenna upside down. That too, will take some getting used to.