Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 3: Rushmore, The Horse, & The Dumping Bison

It's day 3. Today was the first day we could actually look at anything we came all this way for. Of course, it couldn't be a Prather vacation without some amount of trouble. Heavily medicated and full from the omelet bar at the hotel Joseph was able to limp his way around Mt. Rushmore pretty well. It was breathtaking. I know that sounds corny but unless you've seen it, it's hard to imagine how beautiful it really is. The trip was now immediately worth it. The forecast was for rain but we managed to get through without more than two drops and got some amazing pictures. We ate bison burgers for lunch which were good but more than likely overpriced.

After some more Tylenol it was off to Crazy Horse. This was an interesting stop. Crazy Horse Memorial has been under construction for well over 50 years and only the face is completed. They rely solely on private contributions for funding the entire project. I suppose that would be the reason it cost $30.00 to get in and several more for anything else you wanted to do there but it was very cool. In 75 years or so when a little more of the monument is completed we will have to return and view the progress.

More Tylenol, Add some Pepto Bismol and it was off to the Needles Highway and scenic wildlife loop in Custer State Park. The first part of which was a crazy looping highway that would make an iron stomach flip, full of beautiful overlooks and blasted tunnels through mountainous regions. The wildlife loop featured a 20 mile drive through prairie land where bison roamed free along side donkeys and strange deer. The bison seemed to use the bathroom a lot. Enough for me to get a picture anyway. The donkeys were friendly enough to walk right up to the window and try to steal a kiss. It was a great day. Devin's car sickness finally faded as we drove back to our hotel and dinner was nice and relaxing. Tomorrow it's off to the Badlands and maybe Deadwood. We'll let you know.

Regards from South Dakota,

Joseph & Devin

For Danielle


April said...

Great photos, sounds like you guys are having a great trip!