Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day Two: Injury and Windmills

We made it to Rapid City. There's not a whole lot to see here in the town besides some restaurants and stores. Everything to see is at least an hour one way or another from the hotel so even tomorrow there will be more driving. Joseph didn't sleep well last night because of the bar that shared a parking lot with our hotel. It was interesting at 2AM when the bar started kicking the drunks out. The second leg of the trip had some more exciting landscapes. Thousands of windmills lined up in Iowa were amazing.

We decided to stop at the corn palace in Mitchell South Dakota to see what all the hype was about. It would have been a nice stop to get out of the van and rest but Joseph tripped in the parking lot injuring his foot and will be completing our vacation with a noticeable limp. It made for a couple of good pictures though. After leaving Mitchell there wasn't much until reaching Rapid City. Some open spaces and finally some scenery once we got closer to here.

We are both looking forward to tomorrow. After two days of riding in the car we're ready to see what we came here for. Presuming Joseph can walk and we don't have to rent him a hover round.

Regards from South Dakota,

Joseph & Devin


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your foot. If you get a hover around do you get to cut line like Disney? Sorry I had to ask. Mom

SassyCassie said...

I would totally get a Hoveround!