Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 4: The Badlands & Deadwood

Today we ventured into the Badlands. An area of land built by volcanoes and washed away by the rain to leave an area of uniquely colored and beautiful rock formations. There is a 20 mile loop that takes you past the most stunning overlooks and through terrain that made you believe you were in the desert of Arizona. Who would have thought it possible to get a sunburn on vacation here in South Dakota? The meal at the visitor center in the park was nice and we ate some Indian Fry Bread which is always tasty. Probably just as good at Harvest Homecoming though.

After leaving the Badlands we drove out to Deadwood. A town of casinos, casinos, casinos, and a Pizza Hut. It was nice to look at but other than that we probably could have lived without seeing it. The Pizza Hut was nice though. The town featured the site of the infamous Wild Bill slaying outside of Saloon #10 (Now Wild Bills). We drove up to the cemetary where Wild Bill lay buried but you can read about that in part two of this blog. Tomorrow Devil's Tower and Spearfish waterfalls. Josephs foot is getting better and his limp is slowly going away. Of course he'll be fine by the time we get home. It figures.

From South Dakota,

Joseph and Devin


April said...

When I was a kid I adored everything about Calamity Jane (still do I guess), so I've always wanted to go to Deadwood because of her. Looks like fun! You guys should have hit up the slot machines. ;)

Sandsational Wedding Sand said...

You should come by Spearfish! Lots of great hiking trails, galleries and restaurants. Happy trails...