Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Update with Picture's

As you all know the Home study meeting is next week. We are so excited and Nervous but ready for this step to be over with. From everything we've read adoption agencies want families to have their homes baby ready so we needed to start getting a room ready so we can be prepared for anything coming up. I have had my heart set on a Woodland creature theme for a long time now. We decided that a woodland creature theme would work out great for our room since we don't know if we will be getting a boy or girl and its very gender neutral.
Here is the Before and After of the room :



I am in love with the finished product. I can't stop going in there to look at it. We still have a few decorations here and there to put in later.
We won't be getting any more furniture anytime soon until we found out what age range we are approved for and of course what we need. The rocking chair came from Joseph's grandpa. I think he's going to try and refurnish it. Hopefully we'll have more updates soon.


SassyCassie said...

It looks GREAT! I love the wall decal! :)

Our furniture set from Baby's R Us cost less than $1000 for all three pieces and the crib is a 4-way convertible so it would work for any age range. Just something I was thinking might work for you guys...

April said...

Oh Devin, this is just adorable!

Marissa Hess said...

It looks adorable! Avalyn/Analeigh's room is woodland with owls and such and I LOVE that it's not over the top girly. Blues and greens and browns. It's perfect! My girls go around town with tutus, so I figure their room can help balance them out. You did an awesome job!!! LOVE the decal...looking for something like that for the girls room, too!