Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Pill For Everything

Where to begin... In my last blog I mentioned that I had been to the doctor. I never imagined that mentioning the fact that I'm nauseated on a regular basis would lead me down a rabbit hole of pills and procedures. After a lengthy and heated discussion with my Dr. I was put on a blood pressure pill which I fully intend to stop taking as soon as possible. The medication that was prescribed for the nausea did not seem to be working so I was referred to a surgeon for more pills, more bills, and a scope on Monday. Needless to say, frustration is setting in. For someone who has never taken any medication save for an occasional Tylenol, being thrown into a regimen of taking several a day has been quite the obstacle. I am, however, feeling better. I suppose if you take enough pills one of them is sure to work. I've been in a better mood lately too. I'll blame that one on the blood pressure pill. Devin had better enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully this will be behind us soon and I can get back to a somewhat normal existence. If such a thing exists. Alas, the battery on the laptop is flashing so I had better wrap this up and head to bed before my ramblings are erased. The lesson learned here: Never tell my Dr. anything is bothering me.