Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So Many Questions

As you know our first home study meeting was today. This was the interview portion of the home study. After a long 2 days of finalizing everything, getting all our paperwork finished, and cleaning the house the meeting went much better than expected. Our social worker arrived right on time and was very nice. She put us at ease and talked with us about how her family went through a very similar situation to our own.

The interview was long, and we were asked many many questions. A lot of them I had thought of answers to but there were also a lot of questions I had not even considered. We had discussed discipline and a lot of the major things you'd think would be asked and had come up with what I considered good answers. When she asked what we would do with our child if something were to happen to us I had to say I'd think about it. I guess there are some things that you don't think about until it comes up. I suppose we'll have to figure a lot of things out pretty soon.

Everything seemed to go very well and the months of preparation definitely payed off. Now we just have to have one more meeting where we will have a counseling session and home safety inspection and this part of the process will be over. Our goal was to have to this portion done by the end of the year and it looks like we'll finish it up just after Thanksgiving. Now we can turn our attention to raising money and getting started with a placing agency. One hurdle down. Several to go.

In other news, the fundraiser being hosted at www.alexandcassie.blogspot.com is going very well. New prizes are being added and the support is incredible. Don't forget to check it out. Thanks for all the support.

-Joseph and Devin