Wednesday, May 12, 2010

#1. Banana Pudding

Today we took the first steps towards becoming adoptive parents. This morning we got up early, filled up the gas tank, and headed to Danville. Why Danville? some may ask. Well, (other than having a McDonald's, a couple of stop signs, and a Wal*Mart) the small town is where Adoption Assistance is located. That being the agency tasked with putting us on the path to parenthood. Though not easy to find in the back of a very residential looking building with no street number, we managed to make it there on time.

We met with the director, Julie, who was very good to us and answered all our many questions. She seems to think that we are good candidates for domestic adoption and should be approved for any age group. Of course all that is subject to the results of our home study. The home study, I am told, will consist of a very in depth researching of our life, finances, backgrounds, and favorite desserts. Mine is definitely home-made banana pudding. At least I have one answer figured out. The rest I will nervously ponder over for much longer than is necessary. That's just how I am.

When we got home it was decided that we should probably empty out a room if we're planning on having a child live with us. Although we haven't lived here for that long we had certainly amassed a lot of things in every room of this house. Combining two rooms was a fairly difficult task. As I write this, my computer now sits on my desk in what's left of my office. Basically, just my desk and the chair I'm sitting in. The rest of the room has become the new home for Devin's business. Change, compromise, and sacrifice are necessary. My OCD will just have to get over it.

It has definitely been a very long day. Though I sit here wide awake. My mind is racing with nervous anxiety. My stomach churns with yesterday's white castle mistake. Walking into the room next door a wave of calm rushes over me. Looking at the bare walls and floor there is only potential. A potential that I had perhaps got close to giving up on somewhere between the doctor's visits and disappointments. The road will be long, but the first steps have been taken. The feeling is indescribable.


April said...

This is so exciting! And good choice on the banana pudding. ;)