Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Come On Down

I spent much of my lazy summer days growing up watching the Price Is Right and dreaming of winning a blender or maybe a new car. Bob Barker became sort of a hero to me and when asked to name 5 goals for the future at some point in high school my number 1 goal was to win a showcase full of fabulous prizes. Many laughed and many more wanted to, but felt bad for me instead. Needless to say, I've grown up a bit since then and my priorities have certainly changed.

When Bob Barker announced he was retiring from the show a little piece of my inner child died. I didn't have the money to make a trip to California so I wasn't going to achieve that goal. I was saddened by the news but happy to hear that the show would continue with a new host. But who could ever replace Bob? As you know, Drew Carey eventually replaced Bob as the host of the best TV show on at 11AM. I had been a fan so I was eager to see how he did.

It didn't really start off so great. I was taken aback by the way that they kept the show exactly the same but just put Drew in Bob's spot. His awkward way of trying to be Bob even went as far as the speech at the end of every show about having your pets spayed and neutered. For a time I thought all was lost but I've been impressed by the way that Drew has made the show his own. He shed the dress shirt and tie for a more casual and comfortable look. He jokes with the contestants and the announcer and all in all makes it a much more enjoyable thing to watch.

Seldom, do new hosts capture the essence of what the show once was. Family Feud has went through several hosts but none compare to the original. I think its evident that somethings not working when you go through so many hosts in just a few short years. Somehow Millionaire has survived without Regis yet I don't know how. Meredith Viera can read questions but just isn't as funny or as energetic as the perpetually wired Mr. Philbin. Could America accept Jeopardy without Alex Trebek? They had enough problems dealing with the fact that he shaved his mustache. Wheel of Fortune without Vanna White? Maybe, but Sajack would have to leave at the same time.

I suppose it all comes down to familiarity. We like the comfort of knowing that a familiar face will be smiling at us if we should happen to turn on the TV. We like knowing that our hero quarterback won't leave for the Jets and we'll be stuck with the new guy. But that's a different blog all together. In a time of constant uncertainty I'm glad I still have something to smile about at 11AM.


SassyCassie said...

Some of my favorite memories are from when my great grandmother would babysit me during the summer. We watched The Price is Right and then the news faithfully everyday. And I always hid during the weather report because I was scared that they would be forecasting a storm. Haha! I guess I thought that if I didn't hear it, it wouldn't happen!