Saturday, May 10, 2008

Got a little side tracked at the end

As you've probably noticed by the decreased volume of blogging Devin and I have been back to work for a week or so. All in all the vacation was great. Going back to work that first day was pretty tough. At least there's only 49 more weeks until my next vacation. So I've got something to look forward to. Devin and I decided to walk down to the Mt. Washington spring festival today to make sure there wasn't any reason to go next year. There definitely isn't. I think I'll bide my time until the state fair to get a funnel cake and ride dangerous home made roller coasters. We spent about 10 minutes walking up there, 5 minutes walking around, & 15 minutes walking home. We had to take the long way around to avoid running into any more long lost acquaintances. Don't they know that's what MySpace & Facebook are for? That way your two minutes worth of catching up doesn't even have to be done face to face. I think most people don't really have any interest in what I've been doing, they just want to know whether they're better off than I am. Whether my wife is better looking than their's, whether I like my job when they hate their own, whether I've done something with myself instead of stagnating from high school. That's really all they're interested in. It would be an ego boost if I hated my job, my life, and was married to an ugly woman but alas none of that is true. So hazah to they who would feel better than I. For life is good when rambling.


SassyCassie said...

Spring Festival = Lame