Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What You Crave

It's been an interesting week. As most of you know, one of my heroes since childhood is Brett Favre. He announced retirement after 17 years in the NFL. I suppose I was a little naive to think that I might watch a game with Favre as quarterback with my son someday. I was never able to watch Terry Bradshaw play for the Steelers although my dad tells me it was awesome. Now I'll have a story to tell my son when he asks about the memorabilia lining my office walls.

In other business, I worked more than 50 hours over the snowy weekend. So many people decided that driving in a foot of snow was a good idea. It confounds logic. I had a reason to be on the road. My reason was the people that didn't, who in turn slid, spun, and flipped their 4 wheel drives right off the road. What some people will do just to get to White Castle when they get "The Crave." There's nothing like a sack full of sliders to keep you warm while standing in the snow all night waiting for a tow truck.

This blog is in no way aimed to take away from the delicious taste of a White Castle hamburger. I'm a craver myself and was quite glad they were the only restaurant open during the snow.